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Step into the world of Metamine and
experience the classic gameplay of Monopoly like never before!

Build your own virtual empire, use your business strategies, and become one of the elite millionaires in the game. With engaging characters, diverse cards, and in-built mini games, Metamine Monopoly will keep you entertained for hours on end. Don‘t forget to invest your funds in the stock market and watch your wealth grow. Join the world of Metamine Monopoly today and take your first step towards riches!

Build Your Realm and Become a Millionaire

Experience the classic gameplay of Monopoly in the world of Metamine where you can utilize your business acumen to become one of the elite millionaires who constructs their own realm.

Discover cards

Discover a range of diverse cards and implement various tactics to gain an edge and outwit your opponents in the world of Metamine Monopoly.

Watch out the God

Watch out for the gods! The Fortune Gods can help you build and earn more rent, while the Misfortune Gods can cause trouble!

Mini games

Play three mini-games - Egg Catching, Card Matching, and more - to earn points and get cards! Practice anytime in the Playground on the main screen.


Strategically invest your hard-earned funds in properties to rapidly accumulate wealth and dominate the world of Metamine Monopoly.

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